Being sucked dry! 

May 12, 2017

I set some goals for April and the results were a bit mixed! Ran 135 miles for the month, which by a whopping 2.5 miles, is the most post Harrison. Not as many as planned but I didn’t miss too much and most of those were missing one medium long run and when Harrison wasn’t feeling well
– Goal: 3 X 20 miles, 1 X 22 miles and one other long run. This turned into 2 x20, an 18 and a 22. Hit my goal of 100 miles for my five longest runs though.

– Goal: Fling relay. Tick! Although more on that later. 

– Goal: More buggy runs under 10.00m/m. This didn’t happen. I have barely ran with the buggy since the first week in April as I got my car fixed and Neal was been off a bit so I’ve been able to do some evening sessions and have also done some solo am runs.

– Goal: 3 X Monday night group sessions. Big fail on this as I’ve ended up doing a lot of my longs run on a Monday or been in work for KIT days and not wanted to go back out and leave Harrison after I’ve just got in.

– Goal: Post baby parkrun pb. Big tick! I ran 25.11 at Linwood in April and feel I could have gone faster again if I had had a warm up.

– Goal: Lose more weight – didn’t happen but have maintained what I’ve lost and am at my lowest post Harrison.
18.1 miles and 5.5 miles the first weekend of the month.
Week 1 – 22.3 miles

Some buggy running and a fab hilly run at the front of Sheila’s group on the Wednesday night. This was also the week I ran 25.10 at parkrun (previous post baby best was 26.40 in January at Victoria parkrun. 
Week 2 – 32.1 miles 

Started with 20 miles at 9.56m/m pace. Also managed a track session, inaugural Ruchill parkrun (it’s a toughie!) and a failed attempt at a 22 miler.
Week 3 – 35 miles

Couple of good 5 milers in the mornings and then a successful 22 miler, although a bit slower than the last 20 miler. Also got to do Southwark parkrun in London while there for the marathon.

I had planned to run more in London but Harrison was unwell and time just went by so fast…and with him being unwell I was soooo sleep deprived and couldn’t contemplate running! I’ll never travel without calpol again, even if it is a nightmare trying to get him to take it.
Week 4 – 22 miles

Tapered a bit this week for the fling but got to do track and Sheila’s group in the evenings.
Beinglas to Tyndrum Highland Fling relay.

I find it hard getting my fluid and fuel intake right for running later in the day and it went quite wrong for me in this race.

I had a coffee in the early afternoon to try and get some caffeine (rarely have any just now with breastfeeding) and a roll fairly soon before I started running as I didn’t think I would be running as soon as I was. These things brought on my throat problem right from the start which made the run hard enough but I also just felt more and more drained and lacking in energy from about 3 miles in, which got worse after the first A82 crossing and a lot worse once in the forest. I felt as if I had started in Milngavie not just Beinglas. 
It took me a few miles to realise but I’m pretty sure the reason is that Harrison had been feeding like a newborn the few days before and the day of the race and I think he had just sucked me dry! He’s walking already, and I think the extra effort has made him extra hungry and he much prefers milk to food! 
I’m not sure there is a short term solution to this, (there will be no cold turkey stopping!) just as well I do most of my races first thing in the morning! 


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